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by Angela Adams Published 01/08/2016

Let me introduce you to PACT! A clever little tool to help focus the mind when attempting to write good copy for your website, emails and marketing literature. Make PACT your friend! Let PACT assist you, each and every time you put fingers to keyboard or pen to paper.

So, let's break this down into bite-sized slices of your copywriting cake: Purpose: the reason for writing. What is the purpose of writing an email, text, release, etc, keep to the point and ensure there is a purpose. For example, you may be writing to inform people you have a special offer.

Audience: the people you are aiming to engage. Write for your audience. Think about who your client base is, and tailor your copy accordingly. Or more importantly, consider who you would like your client base to be and write to engage them. For example, if aiming for high end clients with a luxury portrait product, you might describe your product as - fine art portraiture for the discerning purchaser.

Content: what you are writing about. Keep to the point, but reinforce your product or offer using informative and persuasive language. Keep it real, try not to include statements which rely on opinion or bias. You may add a call-to-action here too.

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