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16th April 2021 GMT

Welcome to Aaduki Multimedia Insurance - Professional Photography Insurance


Photography insurance

Welcome to Aaduki! We understand the nature of the photographic industry and the risks photographers face in running their own business. With over 10 years experience in the market, we try and find the right product, at the right price, for you. That is why we are recommended and supported by The Societies

We are not tied to any Insurer

Most professional photography insurers are tied to one company where we have a panel of Specialist Insurers that want to cover you! This means that we can truly search the market for the best deal and offer you value for money for the right cover.

We are different

We believe that we are different to other Insurers in our sector –that is why we have a mission statement:

We Aim:
  • To be the most professional AND friendliest company in the market
  • To settle claims within 36 HOURS of all the information being received
  • To provide the most cost effective insurance solution to our Clients needs

We offer a range of covers including stand alone Public Liability and Professional Indemnity and are happy to discuss a tailor made policy to your precise needs whether you work from home, a separate studio or business address or even just for fun!

Easy to start cover

All you need to do is call us, we do the rest! We will take your details and can even start cover straight away. We send you out a completed proposal form for you to check, sign and return to us –it is that simple!

You’ll find us approachable, efficient and enthusiastic so why not call us for a free, no obligation quote. Who knows, you might even end up talking to me! Call us now on  01837 658 880 or visit our website at for more information.

Why do I need insurance?

Many photographers or film makers earn a living, or a contribution to their households, by undertaking professional work on behalf of clients. This could be something as simple as the odd wedding right through to commercial clients and photographers / film makers could be working from a couple of days a year right up to fulltime.

It is very important when your income is dependent on your equipment you do the best you can to look after it –not just by using it carefully, but also by insuring it should the worst happen.

After all, if all your equipment is stolen the night before a shoot that you are being paid to do will the client be very sympathetic especially if it is their wedding day and they now have no professional photographs or video?

Aaduki has a range of covers that suit Photographers and Videographers / Film Makers from amateur enthusiasts up to fulltime professionals and differing types of cover that may or may not be of use.

Finally, if you are undertaking ANY kind of professional work –make sure you have Public Liability cover. In our opinion the only photographers or film makers that do not need it are those who can afford to lose their home.

Not sure? Use our handy website words to see if you need any specific cover. We recommend that you look at Public Liability and Professional Indemnity carefully and consider if you need Employers Liability too!

Welcome to Aaduki –we make your insurance easier to understand…

Exclusive price for The Societies' members

£2 million Public Liability
£75,000 Professional Indemnity


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