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25th October 2020 GMT

Do you realise the power of the web?

Make the web your shop window

It is a proven fact that you need to get your website positioned within the first 30 search results on Google, Yahoo and MSN in order to be found by Internet visitors that want your products, service or information.

If you aren’t positioned higher in the search engine results, it will be at your loss, because your customers will divert to your competitors. For the businesses that wish to reach the right customers and sell to online users, you will need to have an effective Internet Marketing Strategy. The best strategies require expertise in the Internet industry, and that is where the SWPP step forward as the leading specialists in providing professional photographers listings in our directories, which are optimised for search engines.

We have invested substantially in order to create a Search Engine Friendly web site. Where our member’s pages achieve a high positioning within the search engine results, in many cases being within the first three placements.

Our pages are designed with the appropriate key words and Meta data ensuring that each page is indexed and have been “Optimise” to drive the right visitors to your page and on to your own web site.

These steps are just a few of the basic steps behind our Search Engine Optimisatised pages which naturally leads to higher rankings on search engines results, which increases the number of Internet users visiting your website, boosts sales and establishes online business. This technique is one of the most effective online marketing techniques that falls under the big umbrella of Search Engine Marketing. The SWPP will help your website to maximize its visibility on any major search engine as being linked from our web site will increase your own sites ranking.

The main goals which all companies desire is to boost profitability and build brand awareness, therefore the internet is the most cost-effective tool to achieve these goals. The Internet is so dynamic that it continues to change the way people buy and sell goods, so if you're not yet on the Internet, your competitors are taking money right out of your hands!

As professional photographers we are in the business of providing power packed imagery and it is essential that we maximise our potential by crating customer awareness. The internet is by the most powerful tool for attracting new clients with the role of the Web changing.

It has increasingly become the first place where potential customers search for information on products and services. And regardless of whether people become aware of you through print ads, direct mail, word-of-mouth, brochures or trade shows, wedding fairs, their next action is to visit your Web site more often or not through quality links. from substantial sites such as the SWPP.

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Why I like the Societies: Impressive and Educational Magazine, Inspirational Convention, all the help you could ever need and daily images submitted for all to aspire to. Keep up the Great work. - Simon M
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