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by Mike McNamee Published 01/04/2012


13. How long can it take to prepare a model for a complex job?

Between half an hour to an hour.

14. Can the models take a drink when their lips are encrusted with gems? What about eating?

They can drink through a straw but I work those shots around breaks and if food does affect them I just redo them.

15. What is the ratio between planning, prop gathering, making up time and actual photography?

Often if a model or photographer comes to me to work, my ideas just come there and then on the spot eg The Mad Hattress - we just finished lunch, got the idea and my assistant popped to the fancy -ress shop for the red hair pieces. I started the make-up, I phoned my wife to see if she has some silk scarves and she told me where they were .The top hat was is the studio already. From concept to finished shot, 1¼ hours. Other ideas take longer but usually must be done within the week as I go on to another mad idea and the original idea is dropped or forgotten.


Some Credits


Aneta, Cindy, Robyn, Zoe, Jaime, Victoria, Becki, Becci, and Miranda.

Make-up artist

The only make-up artist I will work with and did so on the snake-skin shoot is Holly Anderson, she did the face make-up on the snake shot, and I did the snake work to the arms and part face.

A big thank-you to these special people who not only have made my work successful but at the same time fun.

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