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by Matthew Neve Published 01/10/2010

· I tested three Asda stores and at each store I was challenged and asked to provide proof that the photographs belonged to me. The proof I had to provide was a letter head, past invoice and a business cheque book or credit/debit card. Once these were shown they the handed the photographs over.

· I also tested 10 smaller private shops and the results were varied. Sixty per cent did bother with the copyright issues and challenged me over the photographs until I provided proof that I was the owner, in the form of a credit/debit card or chequebook. Twenty per cent did challenge me but I just said they were my photographs and they were handed over; with the remaining 20% there was no challenge at all.

The final test that I ran regarding this challenge was using prints and scanning them at these places. I have to say the results were quite different. I used two identical prints, one which had my studio name on the reverse and one that did not.

When it came to testing I had my wife go into each shop with the print that had no information on the reverse and try to scan and print the images. Out of all the stores 90% did not challenge over the print, however, a couple of days later I ran the same test but with the print that had the studio name on the reverse and found that out of every store tested, only the Tesco stores did not challenge these images.

This just goes to show that it is the smaller private retailers who care more for copyright than the main supermarket chains and that in order to help protect your images, you should have the studio name printed on the reverse.

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1st Published 01/10/2010
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