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by David Beckstead Published 01/06/2007


Believing you can attain higher levels is the foundational beginning to really making it happen!

Let's head back to the lake-bed: I wanted to show everyone that I would try to accomplish something different. When I teach, I tell photographers to be/see differently, so I wanted to teach by example.

"Today I have decided to really push myself! To take a risk! To think outside the box! I am going to jump off the cliff! I may totally fail. But still I think you would learn something: taking risks means that you will fail and more than once. How can you learn if you never fail? My mind is made up! If I fail, I will turn it into a success! With every failure I pick myself off the 'dusty dry lake-bed floor' and try again. Now I know, in my mind, that I will turn every failure to a success...100% of the time! I do not plan to fail! I plan whole-heartedly to succeed today!"


This was it! I had committed myself to try something different with these models, even if most of them may not like the outcome. I would shoot for myself. I would shoot for no one but me. I would be true to myself. (I will take this concept to my weddings. I will shoot weddings to please myself and in turn, please the bride with higher-level creativity. It will come from the heart!)

"Everything I shoot this evening can be applied to weddings." I wanted all 500 photographers to know this. "This is not just a set-up model shoot. This is a practice for the real thing!"

"I am going to shoot every shot in motion! I am going to drag the shutter on every shot. You will hear the long shutter drags on my wireless mic. I will not take one 'safe-shot'. I will risk everything for possible stronger gains. I will not use a tripod because I don't bring one to weddings. Yet, this is a model shoot: at weddings I shoot the safe-shots, and then I allow myself to 'play'. I will not 'risk everything' at weddings! But I do love to use motion at weddings!"

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