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HISTORICALLY , the word profit has been seen to include early deep rooted feelings of evil doings. Profit, I find, should not require a major gilt mind-shift and be viewed simply as the reason and purpose for my business: the business of operation a portrait studio. The goal of my business might well be to satisfy the needs of our clients but the purpose is to create and achieve a livelihood or degree of wealth from the success and profits of the operation. The portraits shown here reflect a limited level of expertise obtained in my craft. These completed portraits represent, however, only one third of the three-fold task of my portrait studio operation.

Allow me to list each:

1- M & M (marketing and managing)

2- Image Capture

3- Sales

The success of any retail business depends virtually on the passion one places into all three areas. Sales, however , is often thought to happen naturally as the clients shows approval of our efforts. Nonsense! Scientific and systematic presentation is a key factor involved in augmentation of the dollar volume. A sign hangs in the rear employee area of my studio which reads " Don't be order Takers, . . . be order Makers". Training people and hiring good people are a given. Dave newamn recives SWPP award

Eyeball to eyeball, face to face is the common law of 'salesjungle' but we can improve upon this with a few additional proven guidelines. Presenting your images to a larger audience can improve sales. Presenting your images in a larger format can seriously improve sales. Presenting your images in person will always improve sales (thus, eyeball to eyeball).


Profitable, large orders don't seem to rely on speed or immediacy of the presentation of preview images after the session. Give yourself some breathing time to prepare your sales presentation. Your client pays for the session but, as yet, receives nothing...they want something. As time passes, they realize more and more that they "need something" and will be even more anxious to purchase when presenting your images with some sophistication. Make a separate viewing (sales) appointment as they exit the creation session.

Our Viewing Theater (sales room) is larger than many studio camera rooms: my chief salesperson demanded it when designing our new studio. We project our many daily digital files (we shoot digital mostly but otherwise when film is used for larger groups, etc., we scan our film to disc) using one of two LCD projectors: an Epson or the newer lightweight NEC projector. Projection is the key. This comes from previous years of Ektagraphic slide projectors and the like. Show big and sell there a simpler rule of thumb for increasing print sizes? Show your clients a small beautiful proof print and they desire a small beautiful print. Present your images to your client with a wall size projections and guess what??? They actually begin to think of larger sizes. ACDsee 1.6 for Mac or Ulead Explorer 8 for PC become our functioning sales software tools. We download our Fuji S-1 cameras from Flash cards via a Zio adapter onto our camera room computer, then make a smaller working, less cumbersome, views copy via Adobe Photoshop Elements (plenty good enough). We make a fresh disc containing a copy of both the full files and skinny views files to be handled by our sales staff.

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