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by Mike McNamee Published 01/09/2005


Beamer - projecting a quality image This device is unique to the Eye 1 system as far as we know.

It profiles your digital projector for greater accuracy. More and more social photographers now sell their images in digitally projected showings and so we passed the unit over to Tom Lee for appraisal. The process is similar in many ways to profiling a monitor, except that the spectro is mounted into a special "Beamer" cradle and placed on the top of the projector facing the screen to be used at the normal working distance, under the normal illumination. The process is wizard driven and straightforward. Tom was highly impressed at the improved colour rendering he achieved after profiling. We also tried it on the office lap top with less success but suspect that it was the laptop graphics card.


The ambient light measuring screen of Eye 1 Share.

Ambient Light Measurement This is another of the more unusual aspects of the Eye 1 XT, the ability to measure both the colour temperature and quality (Rendering Index) of your lighting. We have for some time noted that the environmentally friendly, lowenergy bulbs above the desk are pretty awful when it comes to judging colour (which is why the critical stuff is done in a proper graphics booth). This attachment for the Eye 1 spectro confirmed our worst fears. Whilst we were at it we had a look at the other light sources we had to hand. The Colour Rendering Index should be at least 90 for graphics applications. Here are our results:

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