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by Mike McNamee Published 01/09/2005


The Beamer in operation in Tom Lee's viewing room.

The spectral trace is also shown in the Eye 1 Share program but we exported the data for analysis in Excel. The graph shows the results. Note how spiky the fluorescent traces are (booth and low-energy bulb). A tungsten halogen bulb filtered with a dichroic daylight filter produced the highest CRI other than ambient daylight. Even the common craft bulb performed quite well.


The more jagged traces of the fluorescent Low Energy bulb confirm the poor performance if used to view prints.

To Profile or Not to Profile?

As usual, for the best colour quality, profiling wins hands down and this applies from capture to output and, in this case, includes both viewing light and projection. The Eye 1 is a comprehensive package with a couple of features that are not available with other solutions. In terms of overall performance we found no significant difference from its main rival so you can base you decision on price and facilities that are offered.

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