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by Jane Conner-ziser Published 01/02/2006


Next, I opened PeterPan01.psd. I selected Layer 1, Select All, Edit, Copy. I then clicked on PeterPan03.psd (the one I'm painting) and chose Edit/Paste in Place. The kids are in! Layer/ Drop to flatten because I want to incorporate the painting of the children into the painting I did of the sky. (File, save as PeterPan04.psd and close PeterPan01.psd.)

Wendy's skirt was painted using Airbrush/Digital Airbrush, choosing existing colours in her dress. The clothing and skin were blended using Blender/Grainy Water - 100% opacity on the clothing and 30% opacity on the skin. (no resat this time) Very small brushes were used on the hair and fur of the dog.

Details were accented with Airbrush/Fine Detail 3, choosing colours from the image and increasing the saturations and values to add snap to the paint. I made sure I over-blended the edges into the sky. Details were also added to the background at this time to add consistency of detail throughout the painting. FX/Fairy Dust was sprinkled in white from the wand into the middle ground to tie the subjects and background together.

When the painting was complete it was saved as PeterPanF. psd. Then I added 3-d brush texture with Effects/Surface Effects/Apply Surface Texture using Image Luminance at approximately 11 Amount and 9 Shine. The file was then resaved as PeterPanFT.psd. Painter was closed and PeterPanFT was reopened in Photoshop. (My files are always saved without texture before I apply texture, in case I choose to do something different with the painting later on.)


The painting was resized to 36x36 at 300ppi resolution, evaluated for colour and value. A 3-inch image-mirrored border was added to wrap around the stretcher. Sharpening was added - extra sharp since it was going out to canvas. Printing was done on the Epson 9600 using Epson Premium Water Resistant Canvas. The painting was hand-signed in 18K gold and delivered just in time for Christmas! What fun!

Jane Conner-ziser and Patrick Ciatto own the Galleria del Arte and Jane's Digital Art School in Ormond Beach, Florida. Jane is an internationally recognized retouching artist, painter and instructor. She is teaching a residential class for the SWPP May 1-5 - Advanced Photoshop and Painter. You can also purchase her DVDs through SWPP. Maz Mashru owns a stunning high energy studio in Leicester, UK and holds the degrees of M.Photog USA, FMPA, Hon FBPA, ARPS, ABIPP, ASP and FSWPP.

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