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by Shane Miller Published 01/08/2012


It's incredible how many grand ideas are born in my local Indian restaurant. There's clearly something about a biriyani that really gets my creative juices flowing. And that's exactly where my new business, The Prop Box, started - in 'Masoom's' over a pile of popadoms.

For a while I'd been watching the growing prop trends in America and Australia. Trips to WPPI in Las Vegas, for example, had taught me that newborn photography was becoming all about the accessories. Similarly, with my own brand, The English Boudoir Company, I'd experienced first hand the demand for beautiful and tasteful finishing touches - that's what clients wanted, elegance and authenticity. The surprising problem I experienced was actually sourcing the props.


I soon learnt, first hand, that finding stylish and cost effective props is not only incredibly difficult, it's also seriously time consuming. Let's face it, we photographers have far more important things to be doing with our precious hours than trawling the internet for something that 'might just do' for the studio. I needed someone to do it for me.

The Prop Box started as a solution to my own problem. I needed a quick and easy kit, a box of tricks, something that I could draw upon in the middle of a shoot to create some real 'wow' images - images that I knew would sell. After all, that's what we're all aiming to do.

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1st Published 01/08/2012
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