The Psychology of Selling Part 8 - part 1 of 1 2

Published 01/08/1999

The Psychology of Selling Part 8

By Derek Avery

Winning closing techniques

Asses yourself

Do I understand the difference between willingness to pay and ability to pay?

What is the customer really saying when he says the price is too high?

Do I argue with the prospect about the price of my product?

Have I carefully planned the point in my sales presentation at which I will mention price?

Do I know how to close with a customer who keeps procrastinating?

The ascending or part by part, close involves a series of questions each one leading into the other, with each one requiring a YES answer. The questions start from the most general and then go down to the most specific. Each one more narrowly qualifies the prospect as being interested in and capable of buying the product. If you can ask six "YES" questions at the beginning of your presentation, it's hard thereafter for the person to say no. Virtually all life insurance, professional products, education products, mutual funds and banking services are sold by the ascending close presentation.

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