Families Photography Competition 1st Place

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Congratulations to Kristian Piccoli from Victoria, Australia with this image.

I am very grateful for the awards in the Families Photography Competition. Thank you to the Societies and those involved in the judging and those behind the scenes who made it happen.

In terms of the two portraits selected, the mother in the monochromatic image was a single mum and they were a tight family unit. My goal was to show the tenderness she had for her children and the loving connection they shared. The kids snuggled up to their mother quite naturally and felt safe with her arms wrapped around them. By making the image monochromatic the focus became the warmth and emotion of the moment.

When I planned the portrait session of the couple with their dog, we talked about their interests and we agreed we would incorporate those into the portrait. They both were crazy about their fur child. She loved hats and crafts and he was a keen golfer. As the session progressed the skein of wool fell to the ground and I thought it would be quirky to get him to incorporate it as part of the golfing theme. The dog has a puzzled look which says it all. They loved the image and chose it as their larger wall portrait. To me, it’s all about creating something individual for each family.

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