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by Gavin Stoker Published 01/08/2014


Your own skill set can of course help in creating images that stand out from the crowd - but perhaps a few 'secret weapons' would help lift your shots to the next level of desirability in the eyes of your customers - giving their baby shots, for example, a look and a feel that they couldn't readily achieve themselves at home.

Enter the suppliers of photographic props and backgrounds, from small Moses baskets to floor-to-ceiling studio backdrops - all affordable, practical and moreover creative options that will help give your images a very saleable wow factor that might not otherwise be as readily achieved. Here we take a snapshot of what's currently available on the market, to allow you to raise your game.

Creativity Backgrounds Behind every great image, they say, is a great background.

With a presence in the trade stretching back 30 years, Creativity Backgrounds understandably boasts quite a varied range of creative backdrops to offer the pro photographer. Strong yet lightweight, spring-loaded and easy to set up, they're suitable for the 'mobile' photographer.

Newborn and bump-to-baby photographers are also catered for, who are directed towards the 'Ella Bella' backdrops. This range includes Washed Wood, Vintage Wood, Classic Damask, Baby Blue, Soft Pink and Multi-Coloured dots - the latter said to 'add energy' to any shoot. But if you can't make up your mind, a multi-pack is available. The Ella Bella offerings come as a 1.22 metre or 4ft wide roll that provides 3.65 metres, or 12ft, of backdrop. Each roll is an affordable £8.99 including VAT, with £6 charged for delivery. In fact, with Creativity Backgrounds, photographers can let their imaginations run wild as there is a choice of over 50 colours available, including soft pinks, gentle blues, plus bright primary colours.


Alternatively it recommends members of The Societies to consider its grey and white choices as ideal for maternity photography, with tones to suit all skin types and ages. The backdrops feature a nonreflective surface and their manufacture is said to be precise and consistent. Naturally the firm is adding new textures and backdrops all the time to its range and claims its offerings are enjoyed by a diverse group of creative individuals including fashion, product and portrait photographers, as well as national institutions, agencies, film companies and fashion houses.

Those photographers working in the studio might like to consider its Motorised Rotor Roller system for supporting photography background rolls. This can either be fixed to the wall via mounted brackets, or attached to background support stands using clamp brackets. As the company notes, engagement with the model you're photographing remains essential and so being able to change the background with the minimum of fuss whilst still facing and interacting with your subject is an asset to any session.

The Rotor Roller system also allows pros to pre-select the colours they need before the shoot and have them all lined up ready to go - flipping between a white and green screen for example. It further offers compatibility with Creativity Backgrounds' car friendly rolls (see

Pricing starts at £120 + VAT for a single bar wall- or ceiling-mounted Motorised Rotor Roller backgrounds support set, progressing to £249 + VAT for a two-bar wall of ceiling set. Also available are wall-mounted brackets for three rolls, or stand mounting brackets for two rolls. For advice on Creativity Backgrounds simply call 01344 485 550, contact or visit the below web address.

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