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Published 01/08/2014


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Lastolite Urban Background Collection

Renowned for its affordable lighting solutions for photographers and videographers, the Lastolite brand also offers a range of professional backgrounds. Those photographers looking for a degree of texture and 'attitude' for their shots whatever the scenario should check out the Urban Backgrounds Collection, to which there were several new additions added earlier this year. Choose from new Derelict Wall/Wooden Fence, Shutter/Distressed Door or Tarnished Metal/Container.


Reversible, so offering a different surface on each side, Lastolite says that its collapsible and very portable Urban Backgrounds have been designed using crease-resistant fabric and can be set up quickly for that urban look - whether on location, in the studio, or even when visiting a client's house.

Recommended pricing is around £165 for each of the Derelict Wall/ Wooden Fence, Shutter/Distressed Door, or Tarnished Metal/Container combinations, in sizes of 1.5m x 2.1m, with a carry bag also included. Local stockists, and the other options in the range (of which there are seven in total) can be found by visiting the URL below.

For the widest crease-free option, however, and especially if you're looking to shoot group portraits, investigate Lastolite's panoramic backgrounds.

These feature a collapsible three-panel aluminum framework creating a useful self-supporting wraparound structure. The fabric clips to the framework and there are three colours to choose from in black, chromakey green or white. Expect to pay £432.95 for each of the three panoramic choices.

Aiming to offer a complete package, Lastolite also offers posing tubs. A standard positioning kit at £252.95 comprises four tubs in different sizes, and with three cushions for height adjustment. Alternatively there are also low-level posing tubs at £160.95 for a set of three that can also serve as footstools, plus a baby poser at £128.95, which is a bead-filled cushion designed to support the baby during your shoot. The latter can be configured in different ways to pose babies of all ages comfortably on their back or front.

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