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by Mike McNamee Published 01/04/2005


Match Profile

For work groups it is essential that monitors match from one desk to another. This can be a tedious process but Pulse makes this easy with its Match Profile functions. You load all the groups' profiles into Pulse and then hit the Match Profile button. Modified profiles are then made which are matched up. In practice we got our two test monitors to errors of 1.59ΔE and 1.33ΔE each with the average difference between the two monitors, over all the colours, at 1.89ΔE. There was no discernable trend in the error differences between the monitors other than one had a brighter white point. For all practical purposes, two radically different monitors were matched.


The extremely small colour errors between two monitors will probably not even show in print!

Kill Gamma

When you use a Monaco application for creating display profiles, you should remove the Adobe Gamma Loader shortcut from the Startup program group on your system.

Proceed as follows:

Click on "Start", hover over "Programs" and then over "Startup". Right-click on the Adobe Gamma Loader and choose "Delete" from the dialogue box.

This does not remove the Adobe Gamma Loader program or the Adobe Gamma Control Panel and is quite safe. When you create a display profile with your Monaco software, a shortcut to MonacoGamma.exe will be placed in the "Startup" program group so your profile will load properly.

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