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by Mike McNamee Published 01/04/2005


Support for Gretag SG Target

Pulse camera profiling supports the latest Gretag Macbeth SG colour target. This has replaced the discredited Color Checker DC and has a semi gloss finish to provide a wider test gamut. It also includes a range of 14 additional skin tones along with the original 24 swatches of the Macbeth Color Checker. The triplets of neutrals around the outside of the target are to enable the profile building to account for variations in illumination level across a scene. We will report more fully on our findings at a later date.


More extensive use of Pulse has only served to increase our admiration of the system. The monitor and camera facilities are really first class. Although the absolute colour precision of the printer profiles were a tiny bit down on our high-end system, we can build a profile in 5m 45s, close on four times faster and using only 40% of the media required for its bigger cousin. The untethered measuring device in combination with the plastic guide, allows us to profile board materials with ease. This is definitely one for the A-list!

Visit Bodoni Systems or Colour Confidence for more details:

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