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Published 01/06/2011



Steve Currid arrives at the Novotel at 9:30 am to tour us around London for the day. Becker has never seen London and I want to scout the locations that I'll be taking my 'Monumental Images' class to the next day. London Bridge, Tower Bridge and The Tower of London. We pick up some lighting gear and grab lunch at a cool indoor courtyard with an opera singer. Great food and great friends sharing a meal. While scouting the locations, I consider my options for a cool prop that the models could use for the shoot. Steve recommends anything with a Union Jack on it.

We find a street vendor selling big umbrellas and Steve negotiates a deal. Sweet, I now have a prop.

The security personnel at The London Tower are everywhere. I begin to get nervous about my options to shoot there. It's not easy being stealthy and unobtrusive with a group of 25 photographers, models and lighting gear. I got worried. I assumed that with a group that big we were certainly going to be kicked out and asked to move along. Then what? We got back to the Novotel to pick up my registration badge to find out that the class locations had been changed. We would now be shooting around The London Eye. Relax Joe. All things work out for the best.



I was up early practising my talk. I piled a hotel rolling cart full of gear and made my way down to my classroom. Today's programme was about creating 'Monumental Images' so we discussed the particular obstacles to shooting around monuments and I shared stories and images from my experiences within heavy tourist areas. Once on the bus, I asked each class member to tell me what they were committed to achieving during our time shooting.

Each participant created a mental target to shoot for. We began at The London Eye, then shot at a cool skate park, and then around the Aquarium, using Big Ben in the background. Eventually, we were asked to move along from the private property. (I believe it's always easier to ask forgiveness.) We continued under a bridge, along the tree-lined walkway and then finished on top of the bridge.

The entire day went really well and everyone had plenty of time to get the cool shots they wanted and play with the lighting gear. I was thrilled to be among so many talented photographers who were excited to be shooting the challenges I presented them with. It was a monumental day of teaching.

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