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Published 01/06/2011



Second day of teaching. Four-hour class. Nervous again. I decided not to take out the big lighting gear today for my Show and Tell class. That proved to be a good decision as it rained buckets in Hammersmith while I had my class outside showing them how I work on a wedding day. It was a perfect example of what can happen in 'real life'. The weather does not always cooperate. So what can you do? I showed the class exactly what I would do. Keep shooting. Fortunately we had my huge Union Jack umbrella for the models.

We took our shoot back inside the hotel and then finished in the classroom after editing the images. Another successful class. Conventions provide a great opportunity to be inspired and gather socially with new friends. I celebrated by going out for drinks and Greek food...with the Greek contingent and some very dear photography friends from Canada and the USA. I am blessed to share meals with photographers who blow my mind with their images. I meet more of them every year.


OK. Why am I still nervous? My classes have gone great so far. Today's class is super easy. One and a half hours of teaching on 'profitable album design'. That's a piece of cake for me...and it was. Once I started speaking, the programme just flowed out of me. Literally flowed. I was on a roll.

The Q&A session after my class made me so happy. I had such positive feedback and I knew that attendees were ready to make more money. My last night in town was spent in China Town with Becker, Signe and Nick Adams. I have a tradition at every Convention to have a great dinner with just a few close friends. Yummy, good times.

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