Wedding Plans

Getting Married and cannot think what photographs you would like to have taken on your special day!

Here are a number of suggestions for pictures. Please check off those You desire, plus fill in Andy Barnes Photographer special requests you may have. This list helps guide the Photographer in making pictures. Usual shots are shown in bold type

At The House:

.... Mother Adjusting Veil

.... Bride Putting On Garter With Bridesmaids Looking On
.... Bride In Dressing Room With Mirror
.... Bride Pinning Corsage On Mother
.... Bride Pinning Flower On Father
.... Flower Girl Handing Bouquet To Bride
.... Portrait Of Mother And Bride .... Father And Bride
.... Brothers And Sisters And Bride
.... Bride Leaving House
.... Father Helping Bride Into Car

At The Church

.... Groom And Groomsmen
.... Groom With Best Man
.... Best Man Adjusting Groom's Tie
.... Groom And Best Man Checking Their Watches
.... Groom With Best Man And Minister
.... Groom And Best Man Looking At Wedding Rings
.... Signing Marriage Certificate
.... Bride And Bridesmaids In Vestibule
.... Bride's Mother On Usher's Arm
.... Other People Being Accompanied Down Aisle Joseph Zammit Photographer

During The Ceremony

.... Bride Being Taken Down Aisle By Father
.... Father Giving Away Bride
.... Shots During The Ceremony Itself
.... Time Exposure Of Overall Area During Ceremony

After The Ceremony At Church
.... Bride And Groom Coming Down The Aisle
.... Groom Kissing Bride At The Altar (Set Up)
.... Groom Putting Ring On Bride's Finger (Set Up)
.... Receiving The Ring After Ceremony
.... Bride And Groom On The Steps Of Church

.... Getting Into Car Or Limo
.... Shot While Seated In Limo

.... Mood Shots In And Around The Church Or Wedding Area Grounds
.... Bridal Party

.... Bridal Party With Brides Parents
.... Bridal Party With Grooms Parents
.... Bridal Party Grandparents
....Bridal Party Brothers And SistersGordon McGowan Photographer
....Bridal Party Uncles And Aunties
.... Bridal Party With Friends
....Bridal Party With All Brides Family
.... Bridal Party With All Of Grooms Family

Between The Ceremony And The Reception
.... Outdoor Shots Of Bride And Groom
.... Outdoor Shots Of Wedding Party
.... Shots Of Groom And Best Man
.... Shots Of Bride And Maid Of Honour
.... Suggested Location For Outdoor Shots

At The Reception
.... Receiving Line

.... Wedding Cake (Prior To Being Cut)
....Guests Signing Book
.... Introduction Of The Wedding Party
.... Wedding Party Toasting Bride And Groom
.... Bride And Groom Toasting Each Other
.... Dances. Bride And Father
.... Groom And Mother
.... Bride And Groom First Dance
.... Bride Showing Rings To Bridesmaids
.... General Dancing Shots
.... Candid's Of Wedding Party
.... Flower Girl And Ring Bearer Together
.... Group Family Portraits (Please Be Specific)

.... Table Shots

.... Bride Throwing Bouquet
.... Groom And Garter
.... Cutting The Cake

.... Bride And Groom Feeding Cake To Each Other
.... Bride And Groom's Hands With Rings On
.... Special Requests

These are some of the suggested shots

Post by Phil Jones

Photo Quote: As I have practiced it, photography produces pleasure by simplicity. I see something special and show it to the camera. A picture is produced. The moment is held until someone sees it. Then it is theirs. - Sam Abell

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Wedding Trivia:RICE THROWING
Rice has been used as a symbol of fertility and as a wish for a "full pantry" in various parts of the world from ancient to modern times. In the past, rice was not the only thing thrown at the bride and groom as the left the wedding. Wheat, instead of rice, was thrown in France, figs and dates were thrown in Northern Africa, and a combination of coins, dried fruit, and candy was thrown in Italy. In some European countries eggs are thrown!Rice is not harmful to the birds that eat it, but an article in California professing this to be the case, has caused birdseed to replace rice at most weddings. Flower petals, confetti, baubles, and balloons are often used today instead of rice.