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by Mike McNamee Published 10/04/2015


Lee Filter Systems
Although there are no shift/tilt lenses available* for CSC cameras, that other staple of the landscape photographer, the ND filter is available from Lee Filters. Called the Seven5 Micro System it includes all of the favourites but in a smaller 75mm 95mm format. Big Stopper, Little Stopper and the usual Graduated ND filters are available and the system is engineered to the same standard that we have come to expect from Lee Filters.

*Adaptors are available for shift to make use of the additional field coverage of the 35mm/FX lenses. For example the Fotodiox adaptor attaches Nikon FX lenses to Four Thirds systems to allow ± 10mm of shift in any direction. If you need tilt then you have to add a true shift/tilt lens and use its built-in facilities, but to be honest, if you have an FX format shift lens you are unlikely to want to drop down to Four Thirds for your work!

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